Employee Benefits

As part of the total compensation at Peregrine Software Solutions Inc, the company offers employees a comprehensive and competitive benefit package. Basic coverage includes healthcare for employees and their families, time-off to assist in balancing professional and personal needs and retirement and savings plans to help employees build their financial futures.

 Health Care

Employees have the option to choose from among several types of medical plans which, depending on work location, may include a Preferred Provider Organization or PPO plan, a national HMO plan, or local HMO plans. The plans provide a high level of coverage for most types of medical services including hospitalization, outpatient services, emergencies and preventive care.

 Retirement and Savings Plans - Employees are eligible after one year of service.

Peregrine believes that employees have long-term goals and interests that can best be realized through increased employee ownership in the company. Peregrine's retirement and savings plans include 401(k) plan to help employees secure their financial future.

 Vacation and Holidays

Employees receive 10 paid holidays per year, some of which are fixed and others that are floating holidays to meet personal needs. Employees can receive up to a week of vacation (depending on the month of hire) during the calendar year of hire. Employees will receive two weeks of vacation at the beginning of the calendar year following their hire date. After four years of employment, employees are eligible for three weeks of vacation.


Employees are fully reimbursed upon completion of Peregrine pre-approved certifications that are relevant for professional development.

Note: The foregoing is intended as a general summary of Peregrine Software Solutions Inc Employee Benefit Programs. The actual operation of the plans is governed by written plan documents. If there is any conflict between this summary and the terms of the actual plans, the terms of the written plans will control.