Employee Referral Pilot Program - Official Rules


Peregrine Software Solutions Inc encourages the referral of individuals for any open position with the Company. However, there are certain positions that may require an external search where substantial recruitment costs would be paid. In the case of these 'selective' positions, Peregrine Software Solutions Inc encourages employees to refer external candidates for these positions through the Peregrine Employee Pilot Referral Program. A selective position is defined as an open position, identified by Human Resources, noted as eligible for an employee referral bonus on the Peregrine Careers website.

Overall, the program is aimed at enhancing Peregrine's recruiting capabilities by increasing candidate selection pools, reducing cost-per-hire and boosting employee morale.

Under the program, an employee will receive a referral bonus of $1,000 (gross) if he/she refers a candidate for a selective position who is subsequently hired under the Peregrine Employee Referral Program. The candidate must also remain employed by Peregrine for a minimum of three months. If the referring employee voluntarily terminates his/her employment with Peregrine before the end of the three month period, he/she forfeits the referral bonus. If, however, a referring employee is involuntarily separated from the Company for reasons other than gross misconduct or poor performance, he/she is eligible to receive the referral bonus at the conclusion of the three month period.


All Peregrine employees are eligible to participate except for:

  • Human Resources
  • Hiring manager or individuals who would have a direct reporting relationship with the candidate

All eligible candidates must meet the following criteria in order for the employee to be eligible for a referral bonus:

  • Cannot be a Peregrine contract or temporary employee
  • Cannot be hired into the Corporate Management Trainee or Intern programs
  • Candidate must fill a position designated for the Employee Referral Program


  1. Corporate and Departmental HR determine which positions are selective and may be filled through the Peregrine Employee Referral Program.
  2. The candidate for employment must list the name of the employee who referred them in their employment application.
  3. If a referred candidate is hired, the employee will receive the award three months after the candidate's date of hire.

Peregrine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in our workplace.