Mohan Talluri
Founder and Director

Mohan is the Managing Director of Peregrine Software Solutions Inc and brings with him more than 14 years of diverse experience in the IT Industry. He has held numerous technical management positions and, later, executive positions in leading companies. A visionary, Mohan has the capability to translate technology ideas into business usages. He has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by IT organizations and is leading the next phase of Peregrine Software Solutions Inc growth, to ensure that it continues to build its position as a leading player in the IT services space. In addition to his strategic business mission, Mohan leads the development and retention of Peregrine Software Solutions Inc employees through several initiatives. Mohan holds a Masters degree in Computer Science.

Director, Product Marketing

Colleen Tarry is the Director of Product Marketing Division, Peregrine Software Solutions Inc. Prior to joining Peregrine, for over 15 years, Colleen has held positions in sales, marketing, and sales management for large information technology companies including IBM. At Peregrine, Colleen is responsible for product marketing and business development.

Director, Finance Solutions

Sandhya is the Director of Finance Solutions Division, Peregrine Software Solutions Inc, and a member of Peregrine's Corporate Executive Council. Under Sandhya's leadership, Peregrine has able to establish strategic client relations with several leading global Fortune 500 firms. Prior to joining Peregrine, for over 13 years, she worked as a Marketing and Strategic Alliance Manager for large companies including Pegasus, Verizon. Sandhya graduated with a Masters in Computers.